2022’s Top Stories: Maryland Minimum Wage Increases Starting January 1

by MCS Staff

As 2022 ends, we’re sharing a few of our most-read stories of the year: Maryland’s general assembly previously voted to override Governor Larry Hogan’s veto of the Maryland minimum wage increase. The Maryland minimum wage, starting in 2023, will be $13.25 for larger businesses and $12.80 for small businesses. Montgomery County’s minimum wage increased earlier this year, on July 1, to $15.65 for all large employers. As part of the bill that was recently passed, Maryland’s minimum wage will gradually increase over time (much like a Montgomery County’s has). The Maryland minimum wage is $15 per hour in 2025 for businesses with 15 or more employees, and in 2026 it will raise to $15 for businesses with 14 or fewer employees. The Maryland minimum wage increase schedule is as follows:

Date Employers with 15 or more Employers 14 or fewer
January 1, 2022 $12.50 $12.20
January 1, 2023 $13.25 $12.80
January 1, 2024 $14.00 $13.40
January 1, 2025 $15.00 $14.00
July 1, 2026 NA $15.00

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