26 Northwood High School Students Earn Associates Degrees from Montgomery College Prior to High School Graduation

by MCS Staff

26 Northwood High School Students Earn Associates Degrees from Montgomery College Prior to High School Graduation

The Montgomery College Middle College program at Northwood High School began in 2014. In 2018, there were five graduates who earned their Associates Degrees in General Studies with a STEM core. Since then the program has grown to 12 graduates in 2019, 14 in 2020, and 26 graduates this year.

There are currently 55 students registered to take classes at MC in the fall on track to graduate in 2022 as the program has grown substantially each year. Students earn degrees in general studies with three core areas – STEM, humanities, and social sciences, and students can also earn their AA in business.

Program coordinator, Michael Sauter, tells us that many graduates have continued to the University of Maryland, but most students in this year’s graduating class were accepted to Limited Enrollment Programs there this year after completing the gateway courses required to get into such programs as – business, computer science, biological science, psychology, communication, and environmental science.

The spectrum of majors shows the wide application of the credits students can earn in the MC general studies program. Many Northwood MC2 students also leave the University of Maryland system with our alumni currently attending a wide variety of out-of-state colleges including Ursinus, Hofstra, Loyola Marymount, Virginia Tech, George Washington, and this year’s graduates were accepted to Georgetown, UC Berkeley, and Princeton.

Unlike the Early College program, Middle College students are able to stay more involved in Northwood as many are 3 sport athletes, in theater, and members of student government including SGA presidents.

The 26 students that earned their degrees from Montgomery College are listed alphabetically, by last name, below:

Yajaira Amaya
Tiffany Begazo
Bea Beyer
Anaiya Bobo
Madeleine Brennan
Luke Caron
Sebastian Castro
Paula Chavez
Andrew Cudd
Camila DeAlvarez
Christian Estrada
Deborah Etyang
Sally Flores
Ramy Haddad
Aryeh Kraiman
Abigail Leibowitz
Daisy Lopez
Jennifer Mejia Zavala
Ashley Merino
Leila N’Diaye
Elizabeth Romero Andrade
Janet Rosetti
Katherine Salmeron
Ian Stoddard
Letu Tiruneh
Rodrigo Villamil

Thwir slides can be seen by clicking here.


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