A Few Good Men…One of Them From MoCo

by MCS Staff

The 1992 critically acclaimed film, A Few Good Men, is often noted for its ensemble cast of Tom Cruise, Demi Moore, Jack Nicholson, and many other big Hollywood names, but a man who grew up in Montgomery County, Wolfgang Bodison,  plays a key role in the movie.

The plot follows the court-martial of two U.S. Marines, one played by MoCo’s Wolfgang Bodison, charged with the murder of a fellow Marine and the tribulations of their lawyers as they prepare a case. Bodison, who played the role of Lance Corporal Harold “Hal” Dawson, delivered a powerful performance in what was his first acting role.

Born in D.C., Brian Wolfgang Bodison grew up in Montgomery County, where his mother worked for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He attended Richard Montgomery High School in Rockville, graduating in 1984. He attended the University of Virginia and played on the football team, graduating with a degree in fine arts in 1988. After A Few Good Men came out in 1992, he was delivered the commencement speech at Richard Montgomery’s 1993 graduation ceremony.

Bodison originally worked as a location scout for for various film-makers. He was working for Rob Reiner on A Few Good Men when Reiner decided he was perfect for the part of Lance Corporal Harold Dawson. After the movie, Bodison landed many television and movie roles, including, Akeelah and the Bee, ER, CSI, and a lot more.

Below you’ll see Bodison and his family, via his Instagram, in their current hometown of Los Angeles, California:


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