A Few Notes From MCPS Media Briefing (Recovery Plan Update)

by MCS Staff

A Few Notes From MCPS Media Briefing (Recovery Plan Update)


Final vote will take place on Thursday, December 3rd


Facilities were closed 8 months ago today.


On November 11th, parents were provided a survey through email to identify their preference to participate in either a partial, combination in-person and virtual instruction experience or remain in a fully virtual learning experience. Parents have until December 3rd to fill out the survey.


It is made clear that a completely virtual experience will remain an option for parents.


“I want to stress that we can only move forward with our plans of health metrics are met.”


Some members of the community want to start a return to in-person learning in December. Others want everyone to remain virtual all year long.


Recommendation on return to in-person leaning will be made on December 3rd, based on feedback and health metrics along with guidance from state health officials and governors office.


“It’s absolutely critical that we get students back into schools…” “We’re committed to doing so in a safe and reasonable manner.”


Thank you to MCPS staff for everything they are doing.


Live data dashboard available on the MCPS website. Shows trends in our area (Maryland and DC).


Caitlynn Peetz (Bethesda Beat): MCPS has received feedback that metrics set are too strict and unattainable. How did MCPS get to those metrics?


The metrics used by MCPS are similar to what has been put out by the Governor’s office, the state health department, the county health department, and the CDC. Weekly conversations with department of health and colleagues across the state regarding best practices, etc.


Several school systems with lower metrics have had to close across the nation and that can be even more disruptive.


MCPS has to do what’s best for students, best for families, and best for staff.


Ayesha Khan (FOX 5) asks: When vaccines are approved and available, will it be mandatory for students, teachers, and staff to be vaccinated before returning to school?


Multiple conversations with state and local officials. It has been a state requirement and MCPS has asked these questions at the state level. Board and county will work with the state to see what that might look like I’m the future.


Randi Bass (WDVM): If numbers stay the same or worsen, would you feel comfortable sending kids back to school?


We’ll have to look at that as we go forward into early December. Bringing small groups of students back in January will have to be evaluated as we get closer.


Caitlynn Peetz (Bethesda Beat): Under what circumstances would staff be able to opt out of in-person learning?


We’ve put together a place digitally where staff can share information. It will be handled individually. All of the legal requirements will be the foundation for that.


There will have to be added staff to do a combination of in-person and virtual learning.


The full briefing can be viewed here.

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1 comment

Dave Ha November 17, 2020 - 11:41 am

My biggest fear is MCPS is too big to handle this. Are they going to shut down all County schools if there is an outbreak in one school? Across the Country the school districts with the most sucess are the ones who are based on towns (like New York, New Jersey, or Mass) and not based on County where it is too large to manage.

I would have to see BCC or Wootton close because there is a breakout in Damascus or vice versa. We can be smart and safe.

In the end, I don’t think the kids are going back to school until September. Just look at what HoCo did.


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