“Adopt A Teacher” Group Created to Support MCPS Teachers As School Year is Set To Begin

by MCS Staff

After seeing a similar Facebook group in Frederick County reach over 3,000 members, MCPS teachers Jennifer Wilson and Kate Stone decided to create a Montgomery County version that allows community members to “adopt” an MCPS teacher and support them buy purchasing items for the teacher off of the teacher’s Amazon wishlist. “People have always want to donate to teachers, so we just wanted to make it easier for them to be able to do it.” Wilson told us. In less than three days, the Facebook group has over 1,000 members with hundreds of gifts already donated to local teachers.

Here’s how it works: Teachers create and share their public wishlist in a post, making sure to include the wishlist link in a post. Teachers are encouraged to include information about themselves and the school they teach at. Community members then have the option to purchase one or more items from any wishlist they choose to support. Community members are encouraged to let the teacher know they purchased something from the wishlist. If they choose to, multiple people can adopt one teacher and one person can adopt multiple teachers. Everyone is encouraged to be nice to each other.

Most MCPS teachers return to work in just over a week, on Monday, August 22nd for Pre-Service week. One elementary school teacher who asked to remain anonymous told us that this group has already helped alleviate some of the stress that comes with returning to school. “My wishlist includes things that I really think would help my students be successful. The fact that some kind person was willing to spend their own money to help me help my students is an unbelievable gesture.” She informed us that a generous community member purchased more than a dozen items off her wishlist, valued at over $400. The plan is for the group to continue into the school year. “We want parents to be able to find their children’s teachers and help them out if they choose to do so.” Wilson told us.


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