Aim Point Airsoft Shooting Range to Close in Montgomery Mall

Aim Point Airsoft Shooting Range will close by January after opening just over three weeks ago across from Popeyes in the  Montgomery Mall food court.
Today I spoke with an employee of Aim Point, who told me that “too many people just didn’t like it and complained.”
The arcade-like shooting range allows people to shoot Airsoft rifles towards targets with the opportunity to win a smart watch if two of three target squares are cleared with the 75 rounds that come with each turn.
Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and everyone is trained prior to and supervised during their game.
The Airsoft rifles are chained to the counter and have bright orange tips so that they are not confused with real weapons.
Aim Point originally told me they planned to stick around after the holidays and even had a location in Wheaton Mall nearly ready to open before the public outcry.
The Airsoft shooting range will close permanently by the end of the month.
News of its closing was first reported by Bruce Leshan.

3 Comments on "Aim Point Airsoft Shooting Range to Close in Montgomery Mall"

  1. What a shame that people had to ruin a good thing. I patronized this business the last time that I was at Montgomery Mall, and I had a good time. Nice staff, and a fun game to play.

  2. What exactly were people complaining about? Too noisy? Or were they just upset that a shooting game was permitted in the Mall? Curious if it was doing a good business before what sounds like they were pushed aside.

    • I’m sure the Smart Watch was safe. You could hold point of aim dead center and watch the ball go high, low , left and right, lol. Same concept with actual pellet rifles would be awesome. I know kids that shoot a quarter at 50yds with 22lr and could only manage 25% hit rate with these toys. The idea people were upset by it, is ridiculous. I noted pretty good traffic at times in there.

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