“Alexa” Alerts Family of Fire in Colesville

by Patrick Herron

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services responded to a garage fire that extended into a home on the 12600 block of Davan Drive in Colesville on Monday morning around 1:45am. According to Chief Spokesperson for MCFRS, sleeping residents were alerted to smoke in the home by their “Alexa”. Upon awakening, they tracked smoke to the attached garage and attempted to enter to investigate, but were pushed back by smoke and heat.

The electrical fire originated in an outlet that was charging an electric bike and an electric lawnmower battery, and the cause of the fire was determined to be combustibles too close to a heat source. A family of six (four adults and two children) have been displaced. There were no injuries reported. Damages to the home are estimated to be $175,000. Per @mcpdPIO on twitter: (~145a) 12600blk Davan Dr, off Eldrid Dr, Colesville, single-family house, garage fire, @mcfrs PE718, PE712, PE715, PE716, PE721, AT724, AT718, RS742B, A724, BC701, BC704, RS715, T715, T716, A742, ALS742B, PE725, E705, T725, A742B & others responded



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