AMC Loews Rio Cinemas Re-Open Bottom Level!


Courtesy of AMC Theatres

AMC Rio has officially re-opened their downstairs level, as they complete the renovation by closing the upper level theaters.

All theaters now have reclining seats and reserved seating (think iPic). The kitchen is not quite ready to go yet, but should open in about two weeks. For now, there is gourmet popcorn available as well a variety of milkshakes, including: Reese’s Pieces, Junior Mints, churro, Ghirardelli chocolate, and a “build-your-own” option.

More good news…prices aren’t expected to change for a few months. I was told possibly up to half a year! For now, an adult ticket after 4pm costs $12.31 ($10.66 from 12pm-4pm, and $6.15 before noon).

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