Statement from Metro Interim GM/CEO Andy Off

by MCS Staff

On Monday night, Metro GM Paul Wiedefeld’s made the decision to make his retirement effective immediately, rather than June 30th as originally planned. The decision comes on the heels of the news that about 250 Metro operators need recertification, including 72 who were pulled after certification lapsed a year ago. His replacement, Randy Clarke, will start on July 1st. Andy Off will be the interim GM/CEO in this transitional period, and yesterday he released the following statement:

“I am honored to serve as Interim General Manager and appreciate the trust the Board and Randy Clarke have placed in me. My mission during this transition is clear, and I am focused on our safety challenges, as well as restoring the 7000-series railcars for our customers and advancing Silver Line phase two. 
On my first day on the job, I met with the executive management team, the operations senior leadership team, and got briefed on the status of several key safety matters. As I told Chair Smedberg and Randy Clarke, the team here is united in our commitment to safety and getting riders back on Metro. We are determined not to miss a step, and everyone I have spoken to externally and internally today has offered their support and assistance.”

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