Another Sweltering Week Expected for MoCo

Another Sweltering Week Expected for MoCo

Temperatures in MoCo are expected to remain around 95*F or higher for the second week in a row, as another week of record heat hits.

Temperatures reached 95*F in Rockville mid-day Monday, with added humidity bringing the temperature up to 99*F. Temperatures are expected to stay around 95*F throughout MoCo until later this week, when they are expected to finally drop below 90*.

The past three weeks have seen record heat for the area, with 10 of the last 11 days having an average temperature of 90* or higher.

Temperatures were so high last week that certain COVID-19 testing sites had to be moved indoors. So far, no changes have been announced for outdoor testing sites this week.

For any residents feeling overheated, cooling centers are available in four locations around MoCo. More information can be found at

By Isaac Donsky

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