Armed Carjacking at Chevy Chase Gas Station

Chevy Chase Giant Gas StationChevy Chase Giant Gas Station at 8500 Connecticut Ave

Armed Carjacking at Chevy Chase Gas Station

Around 8:20PM Thursday, an armed carjacking was reported at the Giant Gas Station at 8500 Connecticut Avenue, just north of Chevy Chase Lake Drive and the future Purple Line.

Montgomery County Police 2nd District units responded and determined that a driver was approached by a suspect who pulled a gun and demanded the victim’s car. A black Audi A3 was stolen.

Montgomery County Police Robbery Section Detectives are joining the investigation as this incident involved a weapon.

A 2007 Saturn Aura was stolen at the Carroll Motor Fuels Gas Station just across Connecticut Avenue back in November. While that incident may seem similar, it was much less brazen as it was a theft of a running/unlocked vehicle, without a confrontation or weapon involved.



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  1. This wasn’t just an armed carjacking. This ARMED ASSAULT is particularly heinous because of the way in which the woman to whom this happened was treated by the gas station attendants after the car was stolen. After she was thrown to the ground and held down, and after being struck in the face with the gun (all the while screaming for help), when she banged on the door of the attendants’ booth and pleaded for help she was told to calm down. Told she was crazy for expecting them to leave the booth to help her because “there is a man with a gun out there.” No one asked if she was OK. She wasn’t allowed to enter the attendants’ booth because she didn’t have on a mask (because it was in the stolen car), and she was alone outside of the booth while she waited for the police to arrive. Sit with that. Imagine that it was your sister, mother, daughter, grandmother.

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