Aspin Hill Memorial Park

by MCS Staff

Nestled in the center of Aspen Hill, Md lies the Aspin Hill Memorial Park, the final resting place of more than 53,000 pets and people. Far from a Steven King novel, Aspin Hill Memorial Park is a place that honors the love between people and their pets. It’s owned by the Montgomery County Humane Society and is open to the public year-around.

Founded in 1921, the memorial’s name comes from a dog-kennel in England–this spelling of “Aspin” is not a typo! Aspin Hill Pet Memorial is thought to be the second-oldest pet cemetery in the United States. Typical pets such as dogs and cats are buried there, but animals like horses and monkeys can also be found.

If you walk around the peaceful cemetery, you may spot some pets with famous owners. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s beloved dog “Spee De Bozo” is buried there, along with 6 other dogs owned by Hoover. Some pets here were companions to U.S. presidents, senators, and judges. Animal celebrities from television and movies are also buried here, as well as other furry friends from Montgomery County.

Featured photo courtesy of the Montgomery County Humane Society’s website.

By Amy Lusignan


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