Best MoCo Spots for Fall Foliage

Best MoCo Spots for Fall Foliage

Whether it’s the taste of a warm pumpkin-flavored latte, the cool breeze of a crisp fall morning, or the yellow glow of the sun on a tall birch tree, autumn is often a contender for MoCo residents’ favorite season (however short it may be). Many locals are looking forward to combining all the best parts of fall and enjoying the foliage outdoors.

This year, the Farmer’s Almanac has Maryland’s peak for fall foliage set for October 12-28, less than a month away!

Traditional favorites in MoCo include Rock Creek Regional Park, Brookside Gardens, Black Hill Regional Park, and Seneca Creek State Park.

Where are your favorite places to check out the leaves in MoCo?

Featured photo courtesy of Visit Montgomery.

By Daniel Garay

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