Beyond MoCo: Carroll County School Board Votes to Ban Certain Flags, Including Pride Flags, In Schools

by MCS Staff

The Carroll County Board of Education held its monthly meeting on Wednesday evening and voted to ban certain flags, including  pride flags, on school property. The ban is described as a ban on flags that “represent political symbols.” The board voted 4-1 on Wednesday night in favor of the new policy. Students will still be allowed to wear or show materials like pride flags on their clothing.

According to Fox 45 News, “the draft policy is a result of some teachers and parents expressing concern about the Pride flag being displayed inside some county classrooms. While the policy does not specifically mention Pride symbols, it lists what flags aside from the American flag that can be used. That list does not include the flag used to show support for LGBTQ rights.

Flags still permitted on Carroll County Public Schools property, according to a draft of the upcoming policy, include:

  • The Maryland flag
  • The Carroll County flag
  • Flags that are used as a part of a temporary unit of study within the approved curriculum
  • Flags or banners that denote a recognition of achievement and are approved by the Superintendent
  • Sport tournament banners recognizing the participation of a school team
  • Banners from colleges or universities or professional sports teams

Flags “representing the many nations of the world may be shown in the common areas of a school building as a multi-national display in a manner and for purposes approved by the superintendent, provided that no such flags may be as large or as prominent as the current American flag.” according to a draft of the new policy.


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Dave F June 9, 2022 - 11:19 am

Sounds like a good policy.

Always look at the policy from the view of “what if the other side does this”. If you are OK with the Pride Flag, would you be OK, with a flag supporting a group you disagree with? What if we allowed a flag with the DNC or RNC logo? How about a flag that simply says “Choose Life”.

Irritated Carroll parent June 9, 2022 - 5:59 pm

The majority of public comments were against this policy. The 4 board members voting for this policy have conservative political agendas. Kiler and Herbert are running for commissioner seats and doing poorly. Signvy’s husband is running for Republican representative, and Battaglia goes with what they tell her. All are members of the hate groups that are mainly private school parents and home school parents trying to destroy public education in the name of school vouchers. Their.voice has never been inside a public school .


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