Beyond MoCo: Surf House Island Cantina (Urbana)

We made our way north of the county line when we stopped by the popular Urbana restaurant, Surf House Island Cantina.

The restaurant is described as being about “great friends and great food.” For just over three years, Surf House Island Cantina has brought the beach to Frederick County and uses locally sourced ingredients that come from the farm straight to your plate.

Pictured you’ll see:

• Tide Pool (Maryland crab, grilled shrimp, cocktail sauce, avocado, onion, cilantro and a crostini) ***My personal favorite ***

• Two very tasty seasonal cocktails

• Tsunami Nachos (roasted chicken or black bean chili topped with pico de gallo, crema fresca, and pickled jalapeños and guacamole)

• Fish Tacos (pan-seared mahi magi and salmon)

• Bacon mac n cheese (thickly cut house-cured bacon, elbow macaroni, Surf House cheddar cheese sauce,and crispy bread crumbs)

• Pokè Bowl (choice of premium ISLAND or MAINLAND protein, stir-fry vegetables, seaweed salad, jasmine rice)

• Grilled Wagyu Steak (8oz fillet from Snake River Farms with a citrusy butter-fried thyme & garlic sauce)

• Two delicious desserts

In addition to the items pictured, Surf House featured burgers, burritos, wings, calamari, oysters, and a lot more!

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