Black Lion Cafe’s Opening Delayed

by Patrick Herron

Over a year ago we let you know that Black Lion Café, which has a location at 9705 Traville Gateway Dr in Rockville, will be opening a new location in the Fenton Silver Spring apartments at 8240 Fenton St in Downtown Silver Spring.  Originally scheduled to open on November 1, Source of the Spring now reports that opening has been postponed due to a delay in the cafe’s final inspection. A new opening date has not yet been announced.

The cafe opened its first location at the Traville Gateway shopping center in late 2016. Black Lion Café sources its coffee from three regions of Ethiopia known for producing some of the best tasting coffee beans in the world. Keffa, the region of Ethiopia that gave the name ‘coffee’ to the bean, Yergacheffe, and Harrar.

About Black Lion CafeEthiopia is considered to be the birthplace of coffee. In Ethiopia, over 12 million people are involved in the cultivation and picking of coffee. Coffee ceremony plays an important role in the Ethiopian society. People often gather over coffee for many different reasons, like daily life conversations, for solving social conflicts among neighbors, after church gathering and spending a good time with each other.  People around the world travel to Ethiopia to enjoy authentic coffee with a touch of Italian mix because of the historical interactions.

Coming from five generations of Ethiopian coffee growers, we grew up running around family’s coffee plantation in Harar, which is located in the Eastern highlands of Ethiopia. That’s where we acquired plenty of experience with coffee, learning daily lessons about every aspect of coffee growing, harvesting, roasting and brewing. Every cup we serve is a delicious result of our high standards, we devote ourselves to the art of coffee roasting and retailing, moreover we are very passionate to serve and introduce our finest coffee to our community in Rockville.



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