Blair High School Students Are Planning A Walkout Tomorrow (Wednesday, 2/21)

Students at Blair High School in Silver Spring are planning a walkout tomorrow morning at 9:30am, according to the school newspaper’s Twitter account.

Silver Chips, the school paper, tweeted the message above stating that students will walk out at 9:30am, march down Colesville Rd. to Silver Spring Metro Station, and take the metro to Union Station in protest of fun violence and in support of gun control.

I am told that a walkout off of school campus would pose too great of a security risk to be supported by MCPS. I’m also told that MCPS supports the desire of their students to express their opinions, but that they must ensure they do so in a manner that does not raise any safety or security concerns (e.g. establishing a length of time for the event and directing students towards a location within the school).

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