Blocked Sewer Leads to Discharge Into Watts Branch Near Research Blvd.

by Patrick Herron

Blocked Sewer Leads to Discharge into Watts Branch Near Research Blvd.

On Friday afternoon, city crews in Rockville unblocked a pipe which may have leaked up to 15,000 of waste into Watts Branch Stream.

According to WSSC, “many companies market personal hygiene wipes as “flushable,” however these products do not break down and disintegrate in the sewer system like toilet paper. The accumulation of these wipes causes blockages in sewer mains. Wastewater then overflows from manholes, often running into streams and rivers, which lead to the Chesapeake Bay.”

From the City of Rockville: 

Pets and People Cautioned to Temporarily Avoid Stream

A blocked city sewer pipe has led to an unknown quantity of discharge into Watts Branch Stream near 1901 Research Blvd.

City crews unblocked the pipe at 2:45 p.m. today (Friday, May 21). Approximately 15,000 gallons may have leaked into Watts Branch.

The City of Rockville is recommending that people and pets avoid the stream until Tuesday to allow the discharge to dissipate.

Help prevent sanitary sewer overflows by never pouring fats, oils and grease down drains and by never placing unflushable trash in toilets, such as wipes, dental floss, paper towels and tissues.

To report an overflowing manhole, contact Rockville’s 24-hour emergency line at 240-314-8567.


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