BoBaPoP Tea Bar Grand Opening (Kentlands)

by MCS Staff
BoBaPop Tea Bar (312 Main Street) will host their Grand Opening event this Friday, 9/7/18, and will celebrate by offering 50% off of their signature teas (Friday only)!

The celebration continues Saturday when BoBaPop will offer a free thermos with the purchase of any two drinks, and on Sunday when they offer a free logo coaster with the purchase of any two drinks.

The Vietnamese based company has over 140 stores worldwide, but the Kentlands location will be their first in the United States.

It will be locally franchised and operated by Gaithersburg resident Sam Lin and his wife Susan Hsu.

I was able to sample their Kumquat Winter Melon, a flavor combination that was brand new to me, and loved it. It’s a tangy/sweet drink that makes for a perfect dessert. I also tried the Matcha (without red beans…just a personal preference). It has a creamier taste than other Matcha drinks I’ve had before. I loved this one as well, but make sure you’ve tried matcha before ordering it. It’s not a taste for everyone.

Though the sweeter drinks are my preference, you’re able to adjust your sugar and ice levels for lost drinks (30, 50, 70, and 100%).

​Photos of my drinks and the establishment below.


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