Brief History of the MCPS Website (Established in 1995)

by MCS Staff

The MCPS website now contains information for students, staff, parents, and community members, but it only started 27 years ago. Below you’ll see a brief history of “MCPS Web”, courtesy of MCPS:

March 14, 1995: In the beginning there was a DEC Alpha server running the Unix operating system and the Netscape web server. David Kreisberg, with the help of a small group of brilliant Blair High School students, brought the server to life and created the first web pages in March, 1995.

Bob Fay joined him that summer to keep systems running and began writing web-based programs such as a guestbook. Blair students Nate Cook and Frank Wright, both Unix gurus, developed systems such as an early search engine. David, and later Elaine Keagle began training staff how to use HTML and FTP to create and place web pages on the server. Susan Eskite, then in EGPS and an early trainee, designed the web site and began moving much MCPS communications onto web pages.

Between 1995 and 2005, thousands of staff, students, and parents published content to school and office web sites. As a result of their efforts, the MCPS web became a rich, award-winning resource that continues to evolve to support student success.

The group was not an official entity until 2000 when it became the Web Services Team, and then Web Services. It was merged into the Public Information Office in 2008.

Featured photo courtesy of the MCPS website on December 27, 1996. 


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