‘Britches Great Outdoors’ Returns to DC With New Store

by MCS Staff

After 25 years, the original Britches Warthog returned to Warrenton, VA with a new store that opened in 2020. Now, Britches has returned to DC with a store at 12 District Square SW, Washington DC 20024 that opened at the beginning of April. Britches Great Outdoors opened its first store in Georgetown in 1967 and grew to have over 100 locations nationwide before ceasing operations in the early 2000s.

Per Britches: “Being deeply aware of the responsibility they bare in the rebirth of this iconic brand, this team of Britches fans from the 1980s has begun with a foundation built on quality, value, service, and honesty. The new Britches team is working directly with the original crew of designers, manufacturers, and dreamers to ensure every piece is authentic to the original mission. The future for Britches includes rugbys, durable cotton polos, backpacks, and many other items we all remember. They know what this means to you – it’s more than just a piece of clothing. Britches’ first store in 25 years opened in historic Warrenton, Virginia – this small store in a beautiful small town is a launchpad and proving ground for future stores. It is from here that Britches Great Outdoors is working to rebuild a great American clothing brand, which includes establishing an American manufacturing base as they grow. There truly was no other clothing company like Britches and we are thrilled to be on this journey with you as they rebuild.

Poking fun at the various animal logos appearing on casual clothing in the ’80s, Britches decided to put the ugliest animal they could think of on a shirt and the iconic Warthog was born, along with the slogan ‘Only beautiful to another Warthog.’


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