Bucket Truck Crashes Through I-270 Barrier, Overturns


Bucket Truck Crashes Through I-270 Barrier, Overturns

Featured Photo Courtesy of Battalion Fire Chief Steve Mann

Around 12PM Tuesday, a bucket truck travelling on northbound I-270 near I-370 crashed through the concrete barrier separating the local lanes from the express/main lanes.

The truck, which caused major damage to the concrete barrier, came to rest overturned on its side. Some news footage showed logos of a cable and internet provider on the truck; it was unclear if the truck was owned and operated by that company or a contractor.

The driver of the truck was evaluated by Montgomery County Firefighters and Paramedics and had only minor injuries.

Several lanes were closed for cleanup Tuesday afternoon.


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  2. “…by that company or a seperate contractor.”

    The word is spelled “separate”, not seperate.

  3. Drove by this. Almost stopped to take a pic for you, but it was unsafe.

  4. The road was definitely slippery.

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