City of Gaithersburg Offering One-Year School-Based Nonprofit Grant Opportunities

by MCS Staff

The City of Gaithersburg‘S Grant portal opens February 1, 2023, where the City of Gaithersburg Community Services Division in coordination with the Educational Enrichment Committee, will be offering one-year School-Based Nonprofit Grant opportunities.

An information session on the grant program and portal access will be held on Monday, January 23, 2023 from 10:30 a.m. – 12 p.m. Please click here  to register to receive the link to the virtual training. If you have any questions, please email Training attendance is mandatory. Please contact us to share any questions or concerns.

Per the City of Gaithersburg: We thank you in advance for your interest in working collaboratively to enhance opportunities, address current needs, and provide quality, accessible and equitable services for our City students. The City strongly encourages collaboration among businesses, agencies and organizations to foster comprehensive, coordinated/cost effective equitable service delivery to City residents representing a broad diversity in age, education, race and cultural background.

Agencies that offer services within the City or are easily accessible to City residents, that follow a culturally competent and outcomes-oriented service delivery plan, and that continually conduct outreach to meet the needs of a diverse community are encouraged to apply.

Below you will find the submission timeline and specific goals, focus and provider qualifications required for each program, related links, and access to the Grant Portal (portal access will be granted on February 1, 2023). Additional materials for grant application support are in the Documents box on this page, including the list of current FY23 grantees with their awards and a list of 10% City Schools.

FY24 Grant Program Timeline

  • January 23, 2023: Grant Portal Training for Prospective Applicants
  • February 1: Blackbaud Grant Portal Opens – link to portal system now available on grants webpage
  • March 1: Applications Due. Portal Closes at 4 p.m.
  • March 2023: Educational Enrichment Committee Reviews Applications
  • April 3: Public Hearing(s) on Budget & Tax Rate
  • April 17: FY24 Award Notification
  • April 26: Public Comment Record Closes
  • May 15: FY24 Budget Adoption Hearing
  • July 1: FY24 Program Year Begins

FY24 City of Gaithersburg School-Based Nonprofit Grants

The City of Gaithersburg is seeking not for profit, 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) agencies to partner with specific schools in the Gaithersburg area to apply for FY24 School-Based Nonprofit Grants. The design of this program funds support to qualifying agencies that provide school-based programming to City youth in partnership with an eligible Elementary (starting with Pre-K), Middle or High School.

The appointed members of the Educational Enrichment Committee (EEC) provide funding recommendations for School-Based Nonprofit Grants to the Mayor and City Council. The mission of the EEC is to collaborate with families, educators, nonprofits, businesses and other stakeholders to encourage the support of creative, impactful, inclusive and rewarding programs that enrich educational opportunities within our community.


Programs awarded priority funding provide:


  • Clear and committed collaboration partnerships with City of Gaithersburg departments, including Community Services, Sports & Youth Services Division, and the Gaithersburg Youth Opportunities Coalition (GYOC)
  • Focus on extracurricular, in-school mentoring, and/or after school activities
  • Engage in equitable and creative outreach
  • Engage students within all cultural communities and various populations


  • Conducted programs coordinate with host school approval, guaranteed through a signed Application and completed MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) by the Preparer, Principal and the Nonprofit Executive Director.
  • Eligible host schools must have a student enrollment population of 10% or more or at least 150 City of Gaithersburg resident students. The FY24 list of eligible schools is available in the Documents box.
  • Required participation in quarterly meetings with the City of Gaithersburg Youth Opportunities Coalition, the annual Youth Voice Workshop, at least two site visits from Community Services staff and Educational Enrichment Committee members, and various youth events.
  • Each program must have a separate application.
  • If one program operates at multiple schools, one application is acceptable.
  • The program budget(s) information must be complete, including calculation of per unit service costs.
  • If available, upload copies of supporting materials including program flyer and/or program brochure.

Focus Areas

Below are the City’s School-Based Nonprofit Grant program focus areas.  Through ongoing needs assessments, input from City youth, schools, Educational Enrichment Committee members, and area service providers, these program examples focus on educational support, mindfulness and enrichment needs, and student mental health. Examples of programming that may qualify include but are not limited to:

  • Youth Mental Health Support: individual and group therapeutic counseling, mindfulness, sports, dance recreation, field trip, etc.
  • Workforce Development: resume writing, interview coaching, training, career and employment development, and internships
  • Parental Engagement & Support
  • Addiction Prevention: social and emotional learning, recreation, gang prevention, parent engagement, and wrap around services
  • Digital Access & Inclusion: student access to needed equipment, digital literacy courses, and trainings
  • Early Childhood Development: parent classes, infant/child supplies, childcare for expecting and/or parenting students
  • Mentoring & Education Support Programming: after-school tutoring programs, peer-to-peer support, and academic support to at-risk students
  • Academic Support & Unfinished Learning: programs focusing on equity gaps, academic inequalities, and the need for digital learning opportunities for low-income students
  • Literacy & Language Initiatives from Cradle to Career
  • Grief Education and Counseling: guided conversations surrounding death and loss, expressive arts programs, and experiential activities

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