City of Gaithersburg Officially Certifies Election Winners

by MCS Staff

On November 9, 2021, the Board of Supervisors of Elections officially certified the winners of the Gaithersburg municipal election for Mayor & City Council as Jud Ashman for Mayor and Lisa E. Henderson & Jim McNulty for City Council.

The newly elected officials will be sworn in at a virtual special session of the Mayor & City Council on November 15, 2021, at 7:30 p.m. Click here to see viewing options. Each of these elected officials will serve a four-year term. The next municipal election for three City Council Members will take place on November 7, 2023.

After approving authorized mail-in & provisional ballots, the total number of ballots cast in the November 2, 2021 election was 4,836. The voter turnout was officially 13.22%. This compares to a voter turnout of 6.54% in the uncontested election for three City Council Members in 2019.

Jud Ashman received 3,871 (81.36%) votes for Mayor, while Stephen J. Escobar received 887 (18.64%). For the two vacant City Council seats, Lisa E. Henderson received 2,780 votes (30.77%) and Jim McNulty received 2,260 votes (25.02%). The remaining candidates in order of total votes received were Yamil Hernández with 1,872 votes (20.72%), David Belgard with 1,365 votes (15.11%) and Philip Cook, with 757 votes (8.38%).

Voters had the option of voting by mail or casting their vote in-person at the Activity Center at Bohrer Park, the only polling place for this election. Same-day voter registration was available for in-person voting, with voters casting provisional ballots pending approval. There were 1,611 votes cast in-person. Of those, 69 were provisional ballots that were subsequently approved. There were 3,156 mail-in votes for this election.

Candidates must be qualified voters in the City at the time of the election and must be City residents for at least one year immediately preceding their election. They must also reside in Gaithersburg during their term in office. All of the newly elected officials met these requirements.


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