City of Rockville Adds New Food Scrap Compost Drop-Off

by Patrick Herron

Per the City of Rockville:
Rockville is piloting a food scraps drop-off program to make composting easy, keep valuable materials out of landfills and reduce excessive greenhouse gas emissions. Food scraps will be picked up weekly by a commercial contractor and delivered to the Prince George’s County Organic Compost Facility.

How To Use the Drop-Off

  1. 1. Place food scraps in an airtight container.(Empty coffee containers with sealing lids are great for this.) Be sure to remove any plastic or other trash.
  2. Bring full containers and empty them into the designated green bins at the Food Scraps Compost Drop-Off area at the city’s maintenance facility at 14625 Rothgeb Drive. View the map below and follow the signs when you arrive. The site is accessible 24/7 and the service is free of charge.
  3. Rinse your container and repeat!
food scraps kitchen bin
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Need a food scraps container?
The city is giving away a limited number of kitchen countertop pails to Rockville residents to make transporting food scraps easy. Supplies are limited and reservations are required. Reserve your pail and learn more about the food scraps drop-off at

food scraps yes and no
food scraps map for drop off

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