CM Chicken is Coming to Germantown

CM Chicken is coming to Germantown– taking over the space that was home to Johnny’s Kabob Restaurant (12933 Wisteria Drive) in Germantown Plaza.

Originally started in South Korea, CM Chicken specializes in Texas-Korean-style fried chicken. On the menu, expect to see items like red hot pepper chicken, garlic spicy chicken, curry chicken, fried chicken, bacon spinach chicken, lemon spring onion chicken and tikku soy sauce chicken gizzards, along with sides such as rice, coleslaw and fried calamari.

We don’t have an opening date, but it shouldn’t take too long as construction is ongoing and signage is already up (as seen in this photo sent to us by Dakota Ricardo).

Our featured photo is courtesy of CM Chicken.


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  1. Just ordered some CM Chicken through Grubhub, so it’s open now in some capacity.

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