Coming Soon to Rockville Town Square

Back in early May we broke the news of the arrival of four new restaurants coming to Rockville Town Square. We now have a few updates.

Gyuzo will offer grilled meat with a focus on imported beef and other ingredients. Japanese waygu beef will be a staple and is characterized by the original taste of meat and the sweetness of the marbling fat content, according to their website. It is expected to open this winter.

​Kyoto Matcha, a Japanese green tea and dessert spot, is coming to part of the Old Mellow Mushroom location. It will be located next to Buffalo Wild Wings at 33 Maryland Ave. and will offer high quality tea and what look to be “instagrammable” desserts. Originally expected to open this summer, it looks as though that has been pushed back.

​Taro Cents Family will be joining Kyoto Matcha at 33 Maryland Ave Suite 315. Taro Cents Family will offer handmade taro balls, an authentic Taiwanese dessert. They plan to open this fall.

​Friendship BBQ is a chain based out of New York that offers skewered meats and authentic Asian seafood dishes. It is expected to be the first of the new restaurants to open, aiming to open by the end of the month.

We are also aware of a fifth restaurant that is deep in negotiations to open its second location in Rockville Town square (the restaurant has one other location elsewhere in MoCo). Unlike the other four mentioned, this is not an Asian restaurant and will bring a unique flavor to the town square. We will have that news for you as soon as the lease is executed.

Parking in Rockville Town Square is free for two hours with validation.

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