Complete an Online Survey on the Future of the Chevy Chase Library

by MCS Staff

There are a few days left to complete the online survey about the future of the Chevy Chase Library!

The library is in need of repairs and upgrades and there are two possible scenarios on how to move forward. Complete the survey ➡️

The Chevy Chase Library was originally included in the approved CIP for Library Refurbishments. The Library Refurbishment level of effort (LOE) project provides a structured process to modernize all 21 library branches over 20 years with new technologies and service delivery improvements which reflect the latest in 21st century library trends at much less costs than renovations.

Before each library refurbishment, DGS completes a building analysis. During the building analysis for the Chevy Chase Library, the County learned that the cost to renovate the Chevy Chase Library far exceeds the budget allotted in the approved CIP for Library Refurbishments.

The facility assessment completed in November 2019 included a comprehensive evaluation of all building systems, ADA access, hazardous materials and site conditions, along with an order of magnitude cost estimate for recommended remediation over the near and long terms.

The analysis was revised in March 2021 to correct a discrepancy between the Order of Magnitude Cost Estimate Summary in the Executive Summary of the report and the costs included in the body of the report. After review by the consultant, it was determined that the Order of Magnitude Cost Estimate Summary was correct and adjustments were made to the balance of references in the report.

Given the extensive renovations required, the County decided to explore the possibility of leveraging the property for residential development thereby offsetting the costs of a replacement library on site. On April 1, 2020 the County issued a Request for Developer Expressions of Interest(RFDEOI) for the Chevy Chase Library site. The RFDEOI was not a formal solicitation to gather and evaluate proposals, its purpose was to evaluate interest from the development community. The County initially planned to host a community forum to discuss the solicitation in Summer 2020, but could not due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, the public was invited to leave comments under the Comments tab to facilitate public comment and feedback. We continue to welcome public comments on this project. All input received to date is posted for review.

DGS and Montgomery County Public Libraries (MCPL) staff attended a virtual meeting of the Friends of the Library, Chevy Chase Chapter on November 17, 2020. DGS staff made a brief presentation, providing a status update and answering questions. More than 70 people attended the Zoom meeting. DGS stated that the goal is to develop options for the Chevy Chase Library that the County Executive could consider for the FY23-28 Capital Improvement Program (CIP). One possible scenario is full-scale renovation of the existing 16,000 square foot library. The second scenario might include a newly constructed 20,000 square foot library achieved through a public-private partnership and a mixed-use project to include residential development to offset the costs of a replacement library on site.

On October 16 and October 20, 2021, DGS-OPD and MCPL held informal drop-in sessions at the library to present these two scenarios to community members and receive feedback. To learn more about the office hours, please click the October Office Hours tab. We are continuing to receive feedback via comment cards at the Chevy Chase Library, the Comments tab on this website, and the online survey which is open through Monday, November 15 at noon. DGS and MCPL will brief the County Executive on community input after the survey closes.


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