Councilmember Will Jawando Releases Statement Addressing Student-Involved Stabbing Incident at Blair High School

by MCS Staff

The following is a statement from Montgomery County Councilmember (At-Large), Wil Jawando addressing a student-involved stabbing incident at Montgomery Blair High School on Monday, November8, 2021:

Rockville, MD — “This morning there was an altercation leading to a student at Montgomery Blair High School being stabbed by another student in the school’s parking lot. I am praying the student that was attacked makes a full recovery and my heart goes out to the students, staff, and family impacted by this incident. I commend the quick actions of the school’s security staff, our Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Emergency Medical Technicians and Montgomery County Police officers who responded to the scene.

“This incident comes ahead of a briefing the Council’s Joint Committee on Education & Culture and Health & Human Services will be receiving related to the Student Wellness Action Group (SWAG), which has highlighted the need for more mental health support and investments in student wellbeing. We created the SWAG group as part of an effort to address disparities in student arrests and discipline in schools, and to improve student well-being.

While some may use this incident to push back on this effort, I see this incident as an example of
appropriate involvement of our police department at one of our schools, as we work to address the underlying causes.

“We must continue to address the growing mental health crisis for students following the pandemic. Like many adults, kids are also readjusting to a post-quarantine experience, including being face-to-face with their peers in school. This is an unprecedented moment that deserves unprecedented funding, resources and creativity in the delivery of services and support. Re-acclimating our children to school and social settings is an important task in re-acclimating them to in-person learning.

This is why the County Council is working to add funding for mental health supports and expanded staff to address student needs, including investments in community-based, trauma informed systems that address the environmental harm that are often the root causes of interpersonal conflict.

“As more details from the situation become available, I will pay close attention to updates. I will be meeting with MCPS Superintendent McKnight to review this incident and general operations.

“Today we are reminded of the strength of Montgomery County and our residents. I encourage anyone struggling in the aftermath of the incident at Blair High School to reach out to the EveryMind hotline at 301.738.2255.”



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Tammi f November 8, 2021 - 9:46 pm

Please put STO’s back!! I don’t feel safe for my spouse who works in a high school. He has a physical disability and has been asked to help “ decelerate” fights. What ?!? Put MY husband at risk?? Put yourself at risk.


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