County Council Vice President Evan Glass Releases Statement on County-Operated Testing Sites

by Patrick Herron
County Council Vice President Evan Glass posted the following message Thursday on his Instagram page (@evanmglass) regarding local testing sites.

Click here for a list of upcoming testing sites in Montgomery County.

“I’ve heard from many residents about the problems they’re experienced at county-operated testing sites.

Due to the national shortage of tests and the strained staffing levels on site, the best guaranteed way to get a test is to make an appointment.

The increased demand for testing — more than three times the demand vs two weeks ago — is also adding additional pressure to our local processing company. As a result, average response time for results is about three days.

The individuals at the facilities are a mix of contract employees and trained volunteers, all of whom are doing the very best they can under the circumstances. This situation is stressful for everyone, so please be kind to the staff, as they’re doing their best to keep our community safe and healthy.

If you are unable to schedule a test with the county, please contact your primary care physician. PCPs have many more tests than the county and are another resource for residents.

The County has placed orders for additional rapid tests from the state and we are expecting significant supplies very soon.

I will share more updates as I receive them”


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