County to Hold Forum on Seven Locks Detention Center/Bus Depot Plans; Rockville Mayor and City Council Oppose

by Patrick Herron

Per the City of Rockville:
Montgomery County will hold a hybrid in-person/virtual community forum, 7-9 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 6, on a planned bus depot and restoration center at a 25.8-acre site along Seven Locks Road. The in-person event will be held at the Montgomery County Council first-floor lecture hall, 100 Maryland Ave. Once finalized, information about how to join the virtual meeting will be available at and at

“The Mayor and Council oppose the county’s plans to house a future Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Criminal Justice Complex and restoration center, and plans for a Montgomery County Public Schools/Ride On bus depot, at the site, which abuts eight city neighborhoods.”

Additional Information: 
Detention Center Partial Demolition and Renovation (1307 Seven Locks) – This proposed County project provides for the planning, design, and renovation/modification of MCDC for use primarily as a short-term holding and central processing facility. The project provides for demolition of dilapidated out-of-operation structures including the high rise/tower, five vacant modular units, and the CIU pod, which is currently used by Health and Human Services (HHS). Prior to demolition, the existing utilities would be rerouted, and a new utility structure would be built. Renovations of other areas of the building are also proposed.

Criminal Justice Complex (1451 Seven Locks) – This proposed County project provides for the design and construction of a new Criminal Justice Complex (CJC) on the site of the former District One Police Station located at the north end of Seven Locks Road. The new facility would include a Central Processing/Detention component to support processing new arrestees and detaining remanded individuals and other related uses. The facility would be constructed in proximity to the proposed Restoration Center to maximize diversion and deflection opportunities.

Restoration Center (1541 Seven Locks) – The site planning would allow the remainder of this property following the proposed demolition project to house the Criminal Justice Complex. The master plan and construction of utility work and storm water management for the Restoration Center would include the infrastructure to support the subsequent construction.

MCPS and Ride-On Bus Depot and Maintenance Relocation – This proposed County project is part of the Smart Growth Initiative program and provides for a comprehensive feasibility study and planning for the relocation of the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) Bus Depot from the County Service Park on Crabbs Branch Way.

Previous plans to acquire several sites for MCPS bus parking facilities to accommodate displaced buses when the site is redeveloped have been put on hold until an agreement could be reached on a project plan. A search by the County for a replacement site for the MCPS bus depot and maintenance / fueling facility has identified the County-owned property housing the MCDC as an appropriate location.

The County also indicates that it intends to park a quantity of County Ride-On Buses at this site. This project could not begin until the CJC replacing the MCDC and the Restoration Center projects on the site would be completed.




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