Cumulus Finalizes Sale of Old WMAL Site to Toll Brothers


11/4/20 UPDATE: The Towers have been demolished. Video available here.

9/27/20 UPDATE: The towers are schedule to be demolished on November 4th.

Cumulus Media today announced that it has closed on the sale of an approximately 75-acre parcel of land in Bethesda, Maryland to Toll Brothers, continuing to execute on its commitment to reducing net leverage.

Toll Brothers plans to put 309 houses on the 75-acre site, east of Greentree Road and north of the Capital Beltway (image courtesy of the MoCo Planning Board).

The station WMAL(AM) 630 transitioned from its 77 year-old Bethesda, MD transmitter site to a new location in Germantown in May of 2018.

The sale generated gross proceeds of $74.1 million, $5.0 million of which had been received in 2019, and expected net proceeds of $71.3 million after transaction fees and expenses.

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6 Comments on "Cumulus Finalizes Sale of Old WMAL Site to Toll Brothers"

  1. So sad to see this happen. It’s the final nail in the coffin of what once was a great radio station. It was my honor to have worked there for twenty years, starting in 1968.
    WMAL Radio has transitioned into another life form that in no way represents the legacy of all the outstanding people who once called this place home. That’s a huge crowd of people, and not just those you heard on the air… bookkeepers, news writers, engineers, sales people, commercial traffic managers, custodians, and a great management team who, through the years (mostly) kept their hands off the controls.
    Those red and white towers so easily seen from the Beltway, and an aviation way point, are gone to be replaced by over 300 homes whose new owners may never know about the ground on which their houses were built.
    On behalf of all of us who once worked at WMAL, thanks for listening!

    • Penny Springer | July 15, 2020 at 3:18 pm | Reply

      As one of those off-air employees from 1978-81, I agree–it was an amazing radio station filled with terrific people. And millions of listeners over many years will always remember too.

  2. Lots of history on this land. Particularly golf history. Former PGA Tour Commissioner and British Amateur champion Deane Beaman used to practice on this site when he was a kid. He and his father actually planted and maintained Bermuda grass so he could replicate shots he’d be hitting in competition. Years later a golf pro buddy of mine, Mark Diley, used this area to teach golf to adults and children. Sad to see paradise paved ..,

  3. John Majane III | November 5, 2020 at 8:50 am | Reply

    The station lives on and provides entertainment for a group of people who would otherwise have nothing. My concern is though Toll Brothers say 309 houses by the county gets through with them there will be apartments that will end up overloading the schools and roads in the area.

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