D.C./Maryland/Virginia Among Top 5 “Most Educated States in America”

by MCS Staff
Stacker, a media website that creates “research-driven stories” created by “data-minded journalists”, has released its list of the “Most and Least Educated States in America” including Washington DC. According to the article, “a standard American education is somewhat hard to define. Formal academic education is one of the ways children and young adults obtain the information needed to seek individual enrichment.”
To help understand areas with the highest educational attainment, Stacker used data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, released in 2022, to determine areas with the highest educational attainment. This index evaluates each state’s population across seven educational tiers, ranging from individuals not educated past eighth grade to those with graduate or professional degrees. States are ranked by the percentage of the population with a graduate degree. Ties are broken by the percentage with a bachelor’s degree or higher. See the rankings for D.C., Maryland, and Virginia below:
#5. Virginia. Highest level of education completed:
– Less than 9th grade: 3.7%
– 9th to 12th grade, no diploma: 5.5%
– High school graduate (includes equivalency): 23.8%
– Some college, no degree: 18.7%
– Associate’s degree: 7.9%
– Bachelor’s degree: 22.8%
– Graduate or professional degree: 17.6%
#3. Maryland. Highest level of education completed:

– Less than 9th grade: 3.8%
– 9th to 12th grade, no diploma: 5.4%
– High school graduate (includes equivalency): 23.9%
– Some college, no degree: 18.4%
– Associate’s degree: 6.9%
– Bachelor’s degree: 22.0%
– Graduate or professional degree: 19.5%

#1. Washington D.C. Highest level of education completed:
– Less than 9th grade: 3.2%
– 9th to 12th grade, no diploma: 4.5%
– High school graduate (includes equivalency): 15.5%
– Some college, no degree: 12.4%
– Associate’s degree: 3.0%
– Bachelor’s degree: 25.5%
– Graduate or professional degree: 35.9%


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