David Blair Leads Marc Elrich By Just 21 Votes, According to Sunday Morning’s Democratic Primary Update

by MCS Staff

As mail-in and provisional ballots continue to be counted in the Democratic primary for Montgomery County Executive, the latest update by the Maryland State Board of Elections (10:23am, 7/31) shows that David Blair (47,980, 39.27%) leads incumbent Marc Elrich (47,959, 39.25%) by just 21 votes.

Some updated canvass numbers, per the Board of Elections for Montgomery County:

• Total received in the system: 73,536

• To be received in the system (approx.): 900+
Tabulated (scanned) total: 57,944

• To be canvassed & tabulated (approx.): 16K+

• Provisional ballots: Early Voting: 2K+ & Election Day: 5.7K+

David Blair led by 1,191 votes when early voting and Election Day votes were tallied. Elrich took the lead early on during the canvassing of mail-in votes, but Blair closed the gap and eventually reclaimed the lead. Overall, Blair has received 18,626 mail-in/provisional ballot votes compared to 19,931 for Marc Elrich. Marc Elrich defeated David Blair by just 77 votes in the 2018 Democratic Primary.

Number of ballots counted each day, per the Montgomery County Board of Elections:
Day 1: 4,796 ballots
Day 2: 14,782 ballots
Day 3: 10,640 ballots
Day 4: 11,175 ballots
Day 5: 6,266 ballots
Day 6: 6,537 ballots
Day 7: 3,748 ballots
TOTAL: 57,944

According to Bethesda Beat, “Alysoun McLaughlin, the county’s acting election director, has said she expects that a majority of mail-in ballots — at least 95% or more — will be canvassed and scanned by the first week of August. The goal is to certify the election by Aug. 12, she said earlier this month.” Election results, from the State Board of Elections, can be seen here.


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