David Blair Narrows Marc Elrich’s Lead to 141 Votes in Latest Update By State Board of Elections

by MCS Staff

As mail-In/provisional ballots are counted in the Democratic primary for Montgomery County Executive, David Blair has closed the gap and now trails incumbent Marc Elrich by just 141 votes after tailing by 276 votes on Saturday night, according to the latest update by the Maryland State Board of Elections at 9:39am on Sunday morning.  Marc Elrich (39,117, 39.30%) holds a lead of 276 votes over David Blair (38,976, 39.16%). David Blair led by 1,191 votes when early voting and Election Day votes were tallied, but has received 9,622 mail-in/provisional ballot votes compared to 11,089 for Marc Elrich. Marc Elrich defeated David Blair by just 77 votes in 2018.

Approximately 115,000 mail-in ballots were sent to voters in Montgomery County. According the State Board of Elections, there were 25,453 Democratic mail-in ballots received by the county when polls closed (all ballot drop off boxes were also  locked shut on Tuesday at 8pm). Ballots are still coming in via the mail and will be counted as long as the envelope was postmarked by July 19 and arrives by July 29. A final result could take days due to how close the race is and the amount of ballots left to count.

Per a tweet thread (seen below) by Steve Bohnel: In a presser, @DrZ_ElectionNut provided some numbers on the count… keep in mind these are all ballots, not just Democratic:
1) 30,218 ballots have been canvassed and sent to state board to post vote results
2) 32,312 mail-in ballots through USPS (more on that in a bit) 3) 36,663 from ballot drop boxes (Zelaya said this number is pretty firm, although it could change)
4) The number of provisional ballots is 8,030 ballots (these will be canvassed on Wednesday)

Montgomery County residents can see the status of their mail-in or provisional ballot by texting CHECK to 77788. Information courtesy of Unofficial 2022 Gubernatorial Primary Election Results for Montgomery County, per the state of Maryland.


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Mike Cook July 25, 2022 - 2:23 pm

Headline is incorrect. It’s 141 votes, not 144.


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