Department of Permitting Services and Office of Consumer Protection Advice: What to Know Before Hiring a Contractor

by Patrick Herron

Per Montgomery County:
When it comes to choosing a home improvement contractor, the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services and the Office of Consumer Protection are offering advice on important questions to ask, how to be selective and, most importantly, why a homeowner should never hire an unlicensed contractor.

The Office of Consumer Protection website has resources to help homeowners select a contractor. The website addresses what to know before requesting an estimate; offers a list of questions to ask potential contractors; and provides advice on what a homeowner should know about the contract.

The Department of Permitting Services (DPS) advises homeowners to be aware that, before a project begins, the contractor should apply for, and obtain any required permits from DPS. If the permit is not issued to the licensed contractor, the homeowner may be held responsible for code violations if the work is not done correctly.

For information about permitting and inspections for residential projects, visit the DPS website.

To verify a home contractor’s license, visit the Maryland Department of Labor website.


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