Diversity On The Rise In MoCo

This chart, courtesy of the Montgomery County Planning Department, was brought to our attention by Dan Reed (of www.justupthepike.com). It shows the change in race in MoCo from 1990-2016.

Since 1990, the amount of residents identified as Asian/Pacific Isl. has nearly doubled. Black or African American residents have seen an almost 6% increase in population. The Hispanic population has nearly tripled, and the Non-Hispanic/White population has seen a decrease of approximately 28%. “Other Race” has seen an increase of almost 4%.

The 1990 MoCo numbers are very similar to the 2016 numbers for Frederick County, which are:

~74% Non-Hispanic/White
9.8% Black or African-American
9.1% Hispanic
4.8% Asian/Pacific Isl.
3.5% Other Race

More statistics from the Montgomery County Planning Department can be found here: http://montgomeryplanning.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/18.02.12_QuickStats.pdf

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