Dollar Tree Now Open in Wheaton

by MCS Staff

Back in July we let you know that Dollar Tree is coming to 2321 University Blvd W in Wheaton, the former site of CVS (next to Max’s, which closed in July). CVS closed this location back in December 2019.  The store is now open (photos sent in by @dalilaaaa._).

Dollar Tree has undergone several big changes over the past year.  In January 2021, the company raised the price of all items in its stores from $1 to $1.25.  At the time, Dollar Tree said the higher prices were not a result of inflation, but rather to allow the company to offer a wider range of merchandise. In April the chain added “Dollar Tree Plus” sections to area stores, with items priced $3 and $5.  The higher priced items include cookware, headphones, chargers, and t-shirts (Baby Yoda, Lilo & Stich, etc.)  similar to those found at FiveBelow.


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Michael Zwolinski March 31, 2023 - 6:06 pm

I give it 2 years before they close due to relentless theft.


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