Downtown Crown Updates


Things have been relatively quiet on the retail side of the Downtown Crown neighborhood in Gaithersburg recently, but we do have two updates for you.

Le’Mer Salon & Spa at 125 Ellington Blvd recently closed permanently and has been cleared out. There is currently no word on what might take its place.

Ideal Image, a non-surgical aesthetic treatment center, is moving in next to ZAGG.

They’ll have a team of skin, face &body specialists,  and medical professionals work together to help you develop a personalized, non-invasive treatment plan. This will include laser hair removal, Botox & fillers, skin lifting and more.

All services will be administered by a nurse, nurse practitioner, or physician assistant while under the supervision of medical directors.


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  2. We need a Walmart in the 20906 area ! When and where ?

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