Drive-In Movie Potentially Coming to MoCo

Finally… Drive-in movies are back in MoCo (hopefully).

Park and Watch Events ( is working hard on trying to make it happen this fall.
The proposed location will be in Rockville, but the exact location cannot be provided until permits are secured. Possible dates include late September or early October.
Your input is needed to choose the film that will be shown. Here are three options:
THE CALL OF THE WILD 2020 • 105 minutes • PG
SPIES IN DISGUISE 2019 • 102 minutes • PG
FORD V. FERRARI 2019 • 152 minutes • PG-13
Park and Watch Events is also receiving sponsorships for the event. Contact [email protected] to explore opportunities!
100% of the proceeds will go to Rebuilding Together Montgomery, a 501-C-3 Non-Profit Organization that helps MoCo residents with critical needs.
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8 Comments on "Drive-In Movie Potentially Coming to MoCo"

  1. SPIES IN DISGUISE 2019 • 102 minutes • PG

  2. Call of the Wild

  3. Call of the Wild is my Choice!

  4. Call of the Wild

  5. Call of the wild!

  6. I vote for Spies in disguise.

  7. Call of the Wild

  8. I vote for SPIES IN DISGUISE

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