Ebisu Life Store Now Open in Rockville

by Patrick Herron

Ebisu Life Store is now open at 836 Rockville Pike, the former location of Shah and Patel Grocery. The store features Japanese food/snacks, beauty products, household supplies, and baby products. The chain’s flagship store is located in Flushing, New York. About Ebisu, translated from their website:

Foodies who like Japanese snacks, please come here, the three brothers of French fries, Shiroi Koibito, Meiji chocolate, and even drinks have been brought over for you, and you can get as many pounds of meat as you want!

In fact, it’s okay to eat fat, there are enzymes and green juice in the store! !

Do you like Japanese anime here please? When the female friends are shopping, the bored boys come to see the figure, “One Piece”, “Naruto”, “Dragon Ball” …Which one do you like, we will buy it and show it to you next time.

And it, Shiroi Koibito, a chocolate chip cookie that every visitor to Japan will start with, a favorite for sweets lovers



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