Ellsworth Drive One Step Closer to Artificial Turf

A plan that will close Ellsworth Drive to cars and pave it with artificial turf was heard and approved by the MoCo planning board yesterday.

  • Rendering courtesy of Foulger-Pratt

1 Comment on "Ellsworth Drive One Step Closer to Artificial Turf"

  1. Shoot. So that is it? There is no more open forum? I wasn’t aware of yesterday’s meeting.

    Artificial turf is cancerous right? Isn’t that why it is opposed in mcps fields?
    2) Pavement is cleaned by rain &power washing. How will turf be? Dog urine, dog feces, human urine, human feces, spilled drinks, spilled foods, vomit, bird poop…is F-G going to power wash nightly?

    Where will delivery trucks for …eggspection, matchbox, mcginty, starbucks, potbelly, ulta, kibana, ann taylor, dsw, nandos, copper canyon …park?

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