Evoluxxy Grand Opening this Saturday, 2/29 at Pike & Rose

by MCS Staff

Evoluxxy, a new women’s clothing store, will be having its grand opening this Saturday, February 29th. Evoluxxy is currently in its soft opening and is located in Pike & Rose where Francesca’s used to be.

The store focuses on the “evolution of luxury,” and has a curated collection of pieces from US as well as international brands.

One unique aspect of the store is how the clothing is displayed— they have a very small number of each garment out in the store to make it easy to browse their selection. When you’re ready to try on a piece, all you need to do is ask an associate and they bring out your size from the back of the store.

This is the first brick and mortar location of Evoluxxy, although they’ve been operating as an online store for a couple of months.


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