Fairytale Ending for the Takoma Torch and Olney Baseball Team

by MCS Staff

Montgomery County satire website The Takoma Torch donated $1,250 to the Olney Boys and Girls Club, according to social media posts by both of them from earlier today and yesterday.

The donation put an end to the “Olney Fans” saga that lasted a few days and provided the county with material for lighthearted banter a couple weeks back.

Since the situation was mutually resolved in mid-September, the Takoma Torch has continued to knock it out of the park with articles like “Marc Elrich Opposes Seatbelt Mandate for County Drivers Who Don’t Feel Like Wearing One”, and the Olney Boys and Girls Club (in collaboration with KOA Sports) has moved forward with Olney’s new baseball team, the Cropdusters.

The Olney Boys and Girls Club will use the $1250 donation towards a scholarship fund that will help ensure players otherwise unable to do so would get an opportunity to participate.

The Olney Cropdusters will start competing in the prestigious Cal Ripken Collegiate League in the summer of 2022.



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