Farewell Letter From Mark Choe of Mark’s Kitchen

by MCS Staff

In January, it was reported that Mark’s Kitchen, a Takoma Park staple for 32 years, would be closing permanently. After a couple months, owner Mark Choe has closed the restaurant’s doors permanently. Below is his farewell letter, courtesy of PoPville:

“To My Friends in Takoma Park and Beyond,

Even at night, when I’m alone sweeping the dust from beneath the tables, I never feel that the restaurant is empty. I see children’s feet swing, with the knowledge that time will bring their toes closer to the floor, closer then, to boundless futures. I see laborers rushing bites in-between shifts, long-estranged relatives in leisurely conversation, and lovers young and old renewing their mutual mastery. I see a million faces or more, and yet it all strikes me as one, a great social organism which I have nurtured as my own these past thirty-two years.

I am proud to say that my hard work, with the assistance of many devoted employees, created a space where life itself was created and fostered. That being said, it is then true that it is as much the product of the community as it is mine. To that end, I am grateful beyond the bounds of gratitude; it is because of your love and support that we were able to make this beautiful creature. You have also been particularly kind to me as an individual. The gentle humanity I have received over the years will last me to my grave and beyond. Though it saddens me to leave it, I am soothed by the certainty that the life Mark’s Kitchen has given to the community has impacted generations. I hope that you will remember Mark’s Kitchen, as I know I will remember you.
Mark Choe
Mark’s Kitchen”

Featured photo courtesy of Google Maps


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