FBI Agent Found Not Guilty in 2020 Metro Shooting That Occurred in Montgomery County

by MCS Staff

FBI agent Eduardo Valdivia has been found not guilty by a jury on Friday after he was charged with attempted murder for an off-duty shooting that occurred on a Metro train in Bethesda on December 15, 2020.

According to Fox 5, “Valdivia was on a Red Line train near the Medical Center station in Bethesda on December 15, 2020 when a man allegedly approached him and asked for money. A confrontation developed after Valdivia said no, and the man reportedly muttered expletives while turning away. A video of the incident, released on Wednesday, shows Valdivia fire and shoot the man from close range. The man stumbles and sits in a seat while a nearby passenger moves away from the area. Both Valdivia and the man exit the train.” The man was taken to Suburban Hospital and survived. The video released, which can be seen below, has no audio.

Metro surveillance video released showing 2020 shooting by FBI agent onboard train in Bethesda GRAPHIC VIDEO | DISCRETION ADVISED: Surveillance video from inside a Metrorail train showing an FBI agent shooting a man who confronted him while he was on his way to work nearly two years ago has been released. (Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office)


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Michael Putman December 4, 2022 - 9:27 pm

He never should have been charged. Its quite clear that he gave warnings to this guy, turned himself away and tried to withdraw from the situation, but was stuck at the back of the train. The “victim” was clearly the instigator. Just another example of the anti-law enforcement bias in Montgomery County…


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