Firefighters Stop Using Lights and Sirens on Some Calls

Firefighters Stop Using Lights and Sirens on Some Calls

In early 2020, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service Ambulances began responding to lower-priority medical calls without lights and sirens, and now Montgomery County Firefighters are doing the same.

These changes are designed to combat the national problem of crashes involving emergency responders rushing through traffic with lights and sirens on. According to a written statement from Montgomery County Fire Chief Scott Goldstein, “Use of emergency lights and sirens for the response to routine or non-emergency incidents puts the public and MCFRS personnel at increased risk for injury.”

Small outside fuel spills, some types of fire alarms, and service calls such as lockouts are among the calls that are still handled by Montgomery County Firefighters but no longer have responders using emergency lights and sirens. This change was implemented January 11, 2021.

Public Safety (911) Dispatchers at Montgomery County’s Emergency Communications Center divide calls between those urgently needing emergency response with lights and sirens, and those that can be handled with a non-emergency response.






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