Fireworks and Sparklers are Illegal in MoCo

MoCo Fire and Rescue Services has repeatedly urged residents this week to remember that all fireworks and sparklers are illegal here. According to Chief Scott Goldstein, fireworks can injure bystanders, start fires, and scare pets.

Instead, tune in to “United Montgomery, Stronger Together” on Friday, July 3 at 8 PM to view a fireworks show, hear messages from elected officials, and listen to local musicians. MoCo had previously canceled in-person fireworks shows.

MoCo residents can turn in their fireworks or report active illegal fireworks by calling the MoCo Police non-emergency number, (301) 279-8000

By Prayag Gordy

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  1. Charles Roland Stevens III | July 3, 2020 at 11:42 pm | Reply

    However, I am still hearing them go off right now

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