Food Grown Home Launches First Tower Garden in MCPS at Einstein High School

by MCS Staff

In partnership with the gardening club Food Grown at Einstein, Food Grown Home is excited to announce that on April 22nd, the first-ever aeroponic Tower Garden will be established at Albert Einstein High School (AEHS). AEHS will be the first school in Montgomery County to implement this futuristic aeroponic food-growing technology, which will enable students to learn more about sustainable farming practices and empower them with the ability to grow their own food.

Per Food Grown Home:
Sponsored by Food Grown Home (FGH), the FGH-inspired gardening club ‘Food Grown at Einstein’ at Einstein HS was established in Fall 2021 with the goal of encouraging student participation in gardening activities and raising awareness about environmental issues. Led by club president Miranda Gray, the club has been experimenting with growing fresh produce over the past several months using hydroponic gardening equipment such as the AeroGarden and IDOO countertop systems provided by FGH. With these systems, club members have been able to grow different varieties of lettuce and distribute their harvested crop to other students for a healthy addition of leafy greens to their lunches. FGH has also provided the club with various sprouting seeds such as broccoli, radish, and fenugreek sprouts so that they can explore these mini-hydroponic activities as well. With the addition of this vertical Tower Garden, students of Einstein HS will now be able to grow a wider variety of fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs, including lettuce, kale, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peas, beans, peppers, and basil.

FGH is passionate about involving youth and young adults in food-growing STEM activities, which can illuminate career pathways into the fields of agriculture, horticulture, public health, environmental science, and more. Further, this STEM engagement provides inspiration for critical discussions on the viability of our food systems, opportunities for increased sustainability in their schools and local communities, strategies for reducing food insecurity, and how one can apply sustainable farming methods to increase access to nutritious food. FGH is hopeful to recruit more students from schools across MCPS to start their own Food Grown Home clubs and increase access to sustainable food-growing equipment that will help others learn to grow their own food. Interested students are encouraged to send an email to to schedule an information meeting with an FGH staff member.



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Erol Miller April 28, 2022 - 8:53 am

I’m thrilled Einstein has a lettuce tower but in truth they are late to the party. I’m not sure why the author of this article, “Food Grown Home Launches First Tower Garden in MCPS at Einstein High School” , thought Einstein was the first. Northwood High has had the exact same lettuce tower for four years now and Sherwood high school has had two for at least two years before that.

MCS Staff April 28, 2022 - 9:27 am

Food Grown Home announced it as the first tower garden in MCPS, but it’s possible they were referencing the first of their own tower gardens.


Stephen Wyzga April 28, 2022 - 10:18 am

Yes Erol is correct. I have helped place close to a dozen Tower Gardens in Montgomery County Public Schools over the past five years. Sherwood High School has had two of them, one was even in their culinary class for a time – cooking with fresh herbs and greens.

The Lathrop E. Smith Environmental Education Center was one of the early ones to leverage the great benefit of the Tower Garden in the classroom. For a time there was even one in the lobby of the Food and Nutrition Services Building for MCPS.

They are ideal for the classroom since the growing season does not align well with the school season, and being able to watch, measure, explore growth of many varied plants up close is not only educational, but captivating to the students.

Also, Tower Garden has excellent prepared curricula available for K-12 that leverages the tower garden. Feel free to email me for more info or a presentation. (

LAW April 28, 2022 - 1:59 pm

Einstein teacher here. It’s FGH’s first tower garden in MCPS, not MCPS’ first tower garden. It’s the first one to use FGH’s technology. Doesn’t mean the others ones are great, just letting ya’ll know what it means.

Stephen Wyzga May 2, 2022 - 7:07 pm

I want to encourage what FGH is doing in Einstein, with a conviction that it is beneficial to all the schools in the county. May their work expand to every school: Grow our youth by growing plants!
Towards that end I have a pic collage of the Juice Plus Tower Garden being used in Montgomery County schools since March 2016, but unfortunately I could not post it. I would be glad to provide it to MOCO show. It’s wonderful how supportive MCPS has been towards STEM and the Tower Garden over the years. May it only increase. Go FGH and Einstein!


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