Forbes Reports The Commanders Are Expected to Sell For “Well North” Of $7 Billion; Bids To Purchase The Team Are Due Today

by MCS Staff

When Jay Glazer reported last month that the Washington Commanders were expected to sell for $7 billion, many thought it wouldn’t be possible for embattled owner to get bids that high. Forbes had previously valued the Commanders at $5.6 billion in August (excluding real estate), which put Washington as the sixth most valuable NFL franchise. With bids for the team due today, Forbes now reports that that Snyder has received bids “well north” of $7 billion, which would be a big return on the $800 million the team went for when Snyder bought the franchise in 1999.

Yesterday, JP Finlay of NBC Sports reported that “At least 5 and possibly as many as 7 bidders expected for the Commanders, per multiple sources. Bids due tomorrow 12/23. Price tag was believed to be at least $6 billion but after Suns sale that’s gone up. Market is brisk. Commanders have no comment.” When commenting on the Forbes report of bids “well north” of $7 billion, Al Galdi of the Al Galdi Show wrote, “…speaks to how much the team is viewed as a sleeping giant. …indicates selling only a minority stake isn’t much of an option. …is further reason to believe Dan is on his way out.” According to various reports, many feel the team will sell for the asking price and the Commanders will be under new ownership for the 2023 NFL season.




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